Overhaul Gasket Kit For DOHC CB750

Overhaul Gasket Set-Fits: Honda CB 750Kz/Ka/Kb/kc (1979-82), CB750Ca/Cb/Cc(1980-82) Custom, CB750Fz/Fa/Fb/Fc(1979-82)Supersport, CB750L(1979) Limited Edition and CB750Pa(1980)Police Sets made by Athena of Italy-original equipment supplier to Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and all major Italian bike makers. Top Quality ISO-9000 Approved. Set Contains: 18-7050 Valve Cover Gasket, 18-7051 Cylinder Head Gasket, 18-7052 Cylinder Base Gasket, 18-7053 Oil Pan Gasket, 18-7054 Genertator Cover Gasket, 18-7055 Left Crankcase Cover Gasket, 18-7056 Clutch Cover Gasket, 18-7057 3 Section Oil Pump Gasket, 18-7058 Starter Motor Cover Gasket, 18-7059 Ignition Cover Gasket, 18-7060 16pc. Valve Stem Seals, 18-7061-4pc. Exhaust Headpipe Gaskets, 18-7066 Camshaft Holder Rubber Seal

Overhaul Gasket Kit For DOHC CB750
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